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The home page of the Xtal Group of Folk.

Xtal pronounced Crystal is a group of like minded private  people that believe that Service to the community, Research  and many information services , should be free or very low cost.

The spirit of Linus Torvalds and his associates of the Linux world, only in Knowledge, Research, and Service's.

Services so far started or in the making are

www.xtal.info The Main Host for all the sites. You are there now .

Brownen Family  Brownen family history.

Merryweather Family Merry's !all spellings of the family Merryweather of the world.

Xtal Einstein Computer Files.

Where did Xtal's name come from?

The originator of this Site, (Trevor) Set up in Business as Crystal Electronics back in the 60's and
 went on to form Crystal Research Ltd as well as Crystal Engineering.

Xtal was the trade mark of the products so produced.

The concept Crystal or Xtal meaning clear!

Now he has retired due to ill health he decided to give his experience free to the community.

To contact any one at Xtal E-mail
Please type admin_@_xtal.info without the spaces.
Many thanks

This page last modified 10 Nov 2014

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